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Zoggy dog blog

The week started off really well, Watched some coaching Kristy series on Deuces Cracked, read some more of Jared book and was really starting to feel ready to attack the tables.

Tuesday was Black Belt Poker League day. I had banked a set of 5 tickets in the previous weeks Orange Belt Freeroll. I was so far behind in the league on points I had to play for the win, however a couple of bluff attempts landed me in hot water and I was out before I knew it.

Wednesday – Even though I thought I was focused and ready to play, it seems I was in total denial that anyone could possible have a better hand than me and I was out of the Orange Belt Freeroll quicker than I could blink.

Thursday was a planned day away from poker and a chilled night was had just went over to the inlaws and caught up on some TV that I had recorded earlier in the week.

Friday Zoggy Doggy Day
It was a day off the normal daily grind of work, as I was taking the dog to the vets. Also lined up for the evening was to go in to London for an evening of Duplicate Poker as part of team Zenga Zenga. I had played duplicate poker some time ago, as an online concept, but that didn’t work out too well, so here is my understanding of the game.

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Zartog Blog – Setting targets and Goals

A couple of weeks ago, as part of a poker study group we talked about setting targets and goals. Before this I had never really had a major goal, other than I wanted to win (don’t we all). However, it seems that in order to win better I should have clear goals and targets to aim for. Otherwise winning will just be a by product. I’ve now taken time to set myself some milestone targets in order to reach my main goal.

I will not bore you all with the details, as they are also likely to change (depending on how well each target goes), but my overall goal is to become a winning player on the cash tables and to move up through the limits of 20nl, 50nl and within a year to be playing 100nl.

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Black Belt Poker Nottingham Live 2011

Black Belt Poker - referral code zartog


After the success of Black Belt Poker’s London Live event earlier in the year, they have decided to run another event. This time (and probably due to popular demand), the event will take place outside of London, in the popular destination of Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. 
Players can only register to play through the site. So if you are thinking of playing then sign up to Black Belt Poker and use referral code zartog and receive 100 belt points and also a 3x belt boost when you make a deposit. 
Despite there being a smaller buy-in of only $125+15, they have decided to again add value by adding a bounty to several heads to the tune of $250. The names of these bounties is yet to be announced, but you can be certain that it will include the likes of UKIPT Cork winner Sam Razavi, Richard Ashby and Mr Neil Channing himself. 
So what are the details I hear you ask?
Buy-in $125 +15
Date – 18-20 November $50k GTD
Register – Online at Black Belt Poker
If the buy-in is a little high for your bankroll, then why not try one of the weekly satellites on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8.30pm. For as little as $3, you can secure your seat into the Main Event.
But wait… not only is there going to be $250 bounties on some players heads, there will also be added value if you are a higher level belt player. 
Standard Package
Yellow Belts
$20 for eliminating a bounty

VIP Package

Orange Belts
$100 for eliminating a bounty
10% added to all prizes

VIP Plus Package
Purple Belts (and above)
$250 for eliminating a bounty
20% added to all prizes

To get started simply download the poker client here and follow the step-by-step process provided and use referral code zartog

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