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Tournament v Cash poker & online v live

It’s been a while since my last blog. Starting like that makes me feel like I should be in confession or attending some kind of AA meeting. That would be a lot easier than talking about how I’m getting on with poker recently.

Online Poker

I’ve actually had a couple of nice wins and a couple of cashes. I managed to satellite in to the first Samurai tournament ($250+25 normal buyin) but I got in for a mere $5. Unfortunately on the night I didn’t manage to cash, but the 100 blackbelt points for $5 softened the blow.

I also managed to win a leg of the weekly Tuesday league, but the other legs I played really bad and didn’t get much further in the league. But cashing from using a token helped again.

Last week I decided that the only way I’m going to go and play Black Belt Poker Nottingham live in August 2012, was if I satellite in. The good thing with blackbelt is that they do offer a number of great ways to win your seat. Last Tuesday saw the start of the new league, with the overall winner getting a seat to notts live. But on the same night there was a $5 freeze out with 2 seats guaranteed and a $5 rebuy with 1 seat guaranteed. I decided I’d register for all 3 games and see how I got on

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