Black Belt Poker Nottingham Aug12

At the weekend it was Black Belt Live in Nottingham at the famous Dusk Till Dawn. I’ve played here twice before and played shockingly bad. This time there was a massive overlay when day 1a only managed to get 57 runners day 1b getting 200 runners.

While I didn’t cash again, I do feel that I played a little better than previous. My plan was to play any big starting hands a little passive in the early stages, as I didn’t want to get involved and bust too early. My reason for this is that in the early stages I find that people tend to play too many hands and get a bit ‘lucky’. Within the first 2-3 levels I had AK 7-8 times and each time I was called down and lost against flushes and straights, JQs flopped 2 pair and lost to 8To when the flop came 9JQ. A bit later in the tournament there was a hand I just stayed clear from. UTG standard raised, +1 called, +2 called, fold, me QTs and decide to fold, flop 26s4d and it went a bit crazy, turn 2h, river T and it all went in. 66 v TT. If I had 3bet either of these players, I know they would have just called. Other hands include being called down by 33 when I held the nut flush draw.

Just felt that I couldn’t get going and after coming back from the dinner break I was really on shove or fold mode on about 15bb’s. Shoved 99 and was the first time I saw the caller fold a hand (showed me an ace, but obv rangy A) and he really wanted to call, I could see the disappointment in his face. Few hands later and I moved tables. A couple of hands in and I was on the bb, UTG std raise and folded to me with KQ (the hand I have gone out with the last 3 games) and I decide to shove, he calls with A9o and spikes the A on the flop.

Game over and the rest of the evening was spend drinking Jeager and various other shots.

Day 2 was won by the day 1a chip leader and Black Belt Pro Kevin Williams.

Great game and looking forward to the next Black Belt Poker Live.

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