Cash Table Poker

What is Cash Poker?

Cash poker is a little like stocks and shares some people are very good but others try once and never touch again because they lose normally their whole bankroll. Cash poker is simply playing poker with a flexible buy in upto a set limit normally based on the blinds set out by the poker room. Most of the TV poker and main large scale games are based around the tournament format. In cash poker the player can leave the table at any time although there is poker etiquette to follow unless you want some nasty looks when walking away after 1 hand.


Why play cash table poker over say tournaments?

The key advantage is that you can leave when you have had enough. Like sit and go tournaments they are quick or long depending on how you play them and both are ideal if you only have a set amount of time to play. Another advantage of playing with cash is that although the poker site will rake your game you can wait for premium hands and really make a great deal from very little play.

Cash table basics

Cash table poker varies from site to site..some poker sites have betting based customers who like to try poker these are the best type of sites to play on as they attract gamblers not logical, patient players. For this reason we reccommend Betfred Poker.

- The maximum you can normally bring to the table is 100 times the big blind meaning if the big blind is 0.20cents you can only bring $20 to the table
- Play within your means..don't play with a large portion of your bankroll as cash poker can get out of control as the action is about each hand rather than the end game like winning a tournament.
- Bring the max to the table wherever possible. Cash is king a big stack gives leverage over smaller stacks allowing you to control the action

Other tips for cash table play are:

- Don't try to play to win set amounts try to play for a set time instead
- Identify the people who play in an opposite style to you and so make your moves against people who appear to be playing far too many hands or tend to bluff alot
- Build up slowly like you would with a tournament
- If your having a bad session, are tired, drunk, bored or fed up WALK AWAY!

We reccommend you try Betfred Poker for Cash Table action as it is part of the Ipoker network and has around 20,000-30,000 players at peak times.

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