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Lifes little bad beats

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to finally win a competition. Not a poker one as such, but tickets to the English Poker Open welcome party in London. I’d been a little excited about going. Finally getting to party with the pros and enjoy a great night out

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Poker books

So you play poker and you’re doing ok. Well news is that you have to keep studying the game in order to improve. I’m often asked how to learn how to play poker and good books to read.

Here is a small list of books that I’ve read or have on my to read list and thought I’d share them with you that are available on Amazon

Kill Everyone 
Review from Amazon
“My advice is to buy this book, read it once, then read it again and test some of the strategies and insight from Poker pro "Elky". This book has really changed my perspective on the game and has helped me cash on various tournaments. 

Paperback from £25 Kindle Version £6

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Black Belt Poker Nottingham Aug12

At the weekend it was Black Belt Live in Nottingham at the famous Dusk Till Dawn. I’ve played here twice before and played shockingly bad. This time there was a massive overlay when day 1a only managed to get 57 runners day 1b getting 200 runners. While I didn’t cash

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Poker Study hand review

I’ve played the odd bit of cash games over the years, both live and online. All with little success and just end up throwing money away. I always thought that I could just “play my game” and I should win. I used to think that when I got in to

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Tournament v Cash poker & online v live

It’s been a while since my last blog. Starting like that makes me feel like I should be in confession or attending some kind of AA meeting. That would be a lot easier than talking about how I’m getting on with poker recently.

Online Poker

I’ve actually had a couple of nice wins and a couple of cashes. I managed to satellite in to the first Samurai tournament ($250+25 normal buyin) but I got in for a mere $5. Unfortunately on the night I didn’t manage to cash, but the 100 blackbelt points for $5 softened the blow.

I also managed to win a leg of the weekly Tuesday league, but the other legs I played really bad and didn’t get much further in the league. But cashing from using a token helped again.

Last week I decided that the only way I’m going to go and play Black Belt Poker Nottingham live in August 2012, was if I satellite in. The good thing with blackbelt is that they do offer a number of great ways to win your seat. Last Tuesday saw the start of the new league, with the overall winner getting a seat to notts live. But on the same night there was a $5 freeze out with 2 seats guaranteed and a $5 rebuy with 1 seat guaranteed. I decided I’d register for all 3 games and see how I got on

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Focus blog required

So Monday is blog night for me. Only this week I’m a little stuck on what to actually talk about. I really should be talking about how the last month has been going and how I’m so much closer to reaching my purple belt on Black Belt Poker. Despite playing a little more than I normally do, I feel that I’ve really lost my focus the last 2 weeks, as I have been mainly looking after the dog. I was off Thursday to Monday and I had so much planned for the weekend. Plenty of people were playing in the EPT London, but I had planned a visit to Wales to catch up with family and friends. However, pooch still wasn’t well, so I had to cancel and ended up staying home and watching him all weekend.   This meant that I didn’t have access to play much poker. 

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Zoggy dog blog

The week started off really well, Watched some coaching Kristy series on Deuces Cracked, read some more of Jared book and was really starting to feel ready to attack the tables.

Tuesday was Black Belt Poker League day. I had banked a set of 5 tickets in the previous weeks Orange Belt Freeroll. I was so far behind in the league on points I had to play for the win, however a couple of bluff attempts landed me in hot water and I was out before I knew it.

Wednesday – Even though I thought I was focused and ready to play, it seems I was in total denial that anyone could possible have a better hand than me and I was out of the Orange Belt Freeroll quicker than I could blink.

Thursday was a planned day away from poker and a chilled night was had just went over to the inlaws and caught up on some TV that I had recorded earlier in the week.

Friday Zoggy Doggy Day
It was a day off the normal daily grind of work, as I was taking the dog to the vets. Also lined up for the evening was to go in to London for an evening of Duplicate Poker as part of team Zenga Zenga. I had played duplicate poker some time ago, as an online concept, but that didn’t work out too well, so here is my understanding of the game.

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Zartog Blog – Setting targets and Goals

A couple of weeks ago, as part of a poker study group we talked about setting targets and goals. Before this I had never really had a major goal, other than I wanted to win (don’t we all). However, it seems that in order to win better I should have clear goals and targets to aim for. Otherwise winning will just be a by product. I’ve now taken time to set myself some milestone targets in order to reach my main goal.

I will not bore you all with the details, as they are also likely to change (depending on how well each target goes), but my overall goal is to become a winning player on the cash tables and to move up through the limits of 20nl, 50nl and within a year to be playing 100nl.

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