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Tips to improve your poker game

While we can’t guarantee you will definetly improve with these tips, but it is how I have managed to improve my game and become a winning player (well most of the time). My number 1 tip to improve your game is to play live. See our making the move in

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Working out your Poker odds

Working out your Poker odds can be easy or complicated. I always use the easy method. When playing poker, some people like to work out their odds of getting the cards they need and others just follow their instinct and hope for the best. Sometimes luck will prevail and the

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Danger Hands

I have recently been dealing out some random hands. One hand in particular I found very interesting and something that might have caused a lot of action in a real game was the following: Hand 1 – 5d 3d Hand 2 – 4h Ah Hand 3 – Kc 9h Hand

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Making the Move from Online Poker to Live Poker

I have been playing online poker for a few years with little or no success. I have won a little bit here and there, but overall I was breaking even and sticking to very low stakes. Despite this, I still had a love for poker and saw it is a

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