Danger Hands

I have recently been dealing out some random hands. One hand in particular I found very interesting and something that might have caused a lot of action in a real game was the following:

Hand 1 – 5d 3d
Hand 2 – 4h Ah
Hand 3 – Kc 9h
Hand 4 – 10d Jd

Thinking from a limping in point of view, so if it is cheap enough for all players to be in and see the flop.

The flop came: 10h – 4c – 6h
Hand 1 – Now has the up and down straight draw
Hand 2 – Nut flush draw
Hand 3 – Fairly dead at this stage
Hand 4 – Top pair
The turn was: Kh
Hand 1 – Still has the straight draw, but should be worried about the flush out there
Hand 2 – Has the nut flush and favourite to win the hand, so might but in a small bet
Hand 3 – Now has top pair, but should be out of the hand by now
Hand 4 – This hand is now fairly dead and should be folded to any betting.
River card was: 7d

Hand 1

The river card is a very dangerous card for them and shows the dangers of anyone chasing a straight. Something many of us have been guilty of at some point in our poker playing. Especially in a lose game.

Hand 2

This is the winning hand and could take down a large pot. This does depend on the level of play and if they re raise Hand 1 on the river, I am certain that they would get a call.

Hand 3

This hand shows the dangers of getting caught up in a top pair situation. I have seen this online many times before. Seeing people lose when they call everything with top pair. They have no one else to blame but themselves.

Hand 4

This had should be easy to fold after the turn and maybe even the flop if the betting is aggressive. Saying that though, I have seen a number of people shove all in with top pair on a low flop. This can either take down the hand there and then, or get you in to a lot of trouble when the river comes.

My tip

Deal out yourself some hands and think about how you would play them. I think you will learn more this way than playing for play money online. Even better idea is to sign up to a site that offers you daily free roll games. A good site for this is Nasty Duck who offer daily freeroll games which are worth playing in.

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