Focus blog required

So Monday is blog night for me.  Only this week I’m a little stuck on what to actually talk about. I really should be talking about how the last month has been going and how I’m so much closer to reaching my purple belt on Black Belt Poker. Despite playing a little more than I normally do, I feel that I’ve really lost my focus the last 2 weeks, as I have been mainly looking after the dog. I was off Thursday to Monday and I had so much planned for the weekend. Plenty of people were playing in the EPT London, but I had planned a visit to Wales to catch up with family and friends. However, pooch still wasn’t well, so I had to cancel and ended up staying home and watching him all weekend.   This meant that I didn’t have access to play much poker. 

Every time I picked the book up my girlfriend started some random conversation with me, so that wasn’t something I was ever going to be able to focus on. The freak heat wave is really not something I’m enjoying either. It’s October FFS and should be cold and raining, maybe in a few weeks start snowing. Instead we ended up having a BBQ and sitting in the garden chilling and having a few beers. Which lead to me being bitten alive by nats . The only other thing I ended up doing was spending 10 hours watching a series called Party Down. It was quite a funny series and worth a watch, but there were all distractions that I didn’t need. 
At the moment the amount of poker that I was planning on playing is what is actually putting me off playing. The desire to win is messing up my focus and enjoyment of generally playing the game. I feel that poker for me should be something that I enjoy playing and not something that I feel I need to do well at. This and the fact that there seems to be so much bad press surrounding the game at the moment. People being caught cheating and banned from networks and there is still no resolution to the fiasco that is Full Tilt Poker. 
Plan this week will be to play the orange belt freeroll, play some SNG’s, maybe a little amount of cash and then see generally how it goes. I’ve still a lot of the poker book to read “the mental game of poker” and plenty of Deuces cracked videos to watch.  

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