Freezeout Poker Tournaments

What is a Freezeout Tournament?

Freezeout tournaments are described as a tournament starting at a preset time regardless of how many players. Each player pays the same buy in and play in the tournament until they are knocked out or Frozen out hence the term freezeout tournament. Freezeout tournaments don't have the ability to re buy or have add ons and so action can be slow to build as players strive to stay in until they reach the money, typically the top 10% of the field of players.


Why play Freezeout Tournaments over other poker formats?

Freezeout tournaments have one main advantage over other formats this is a much larger payout for winning. As the field is alot bigger you will a bigger portion of the pot and therefore make a large profit when you win. You also get more entertainment for your money. As most people play for fun over money you will have a longer playing experience (hopefully) and in my experience I have found tournament play to be alot more sociable. Freezeout tournaments are the main choice for satelite tournaments which the online poker sites use to allow cheaper access into bigger tournaments..and so mastering freezeout tournaments is a must.


Freezeout Tournament Basics

As the nature of Freezeout tournaments is a long battle the game can be broken down into early, middle and end play. Initially there are two schools of thought about how to play, one is that the player should play suited connectors and lots of average hands to get cheap flops which if they connect can double or even triple them up. The other school of thought is to play tight and let the "idiots" knock each other out. Although its hard to do well in a Freezeout tournament with a small stack its also hard to win it with no chips at all and so I would suggest playing tight at least until the first break.

When the field has dropped to around half depending on your chip amount you should loosen up but still only play ABC poker. Save making moves and trying to steal more pots until the later stages.


Other Freezeout Poker Tips:

- Don't play if you don't have a good few hours handy
- Only play if you really are in a good state of mind
- Play only strong hands aggressively at the beginning and later loosen slightly
- Make sure you time your toilet breaks as there is nothing worse than needing the loo half way through a key hand


Where to play Freezeout Tournaments?

We suggest either Unibet Poker or BetFred Poker both of these offer satellites in to major tournaments including the WSOP.  Unibet also have their own Unibet Open that is a great tournament that visits Cities throughout Europe. 

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