Lifes little bad beats

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to finally win a competition. Not a poker one as such, but tickets to the English Poker Open welcome party in London.

I’d been a little excited about going. Finally getting to party with the pros and enjoy a great night out in London. The part was in HMS president and sounded like a blast.

Unfortunately for me, I awoke in the morning to being ill. I had to phone in work sick (something I always hate doing. Especially on a Monday), as there was no way I was risking a crowded train in to London when it felt like my stomach was about to cave in at any moment.

I went back to sleep for a few hours hoping that when I woke up I’d be feeling lots better. But it wasn’t to be :(

Thankfully my buddy Kim still went and hopefully had a great time. As usual it’s back to my daily grind of work tomorrow, where I’ll at least have a nice clear head for the busy week ahead.

Maybe next year I’ll get another invite and be able to go. …. Sometimes life gives us little bad beats that we just have to carry on and keep in at. Eventually we will all hopefully get where we want to be.

I’m currently having a bit of a break from playing poker and catching up on a number of books that I’ve been meaning to read. Check them out in my last post called > Poker books

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