Omaha Poker

Like other popular poker variants, there is lot's of confusion about the origins of Omaha poker (or Omaha Hold’em as it is often called). Many people think that this was an old Wild West game because of the name, but in actual fact, Omaha Hold’em only dates back to 1982 in Las Vegas! Historically there are big similarities between Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em, essentially they are the same thing with the major exception that Texas Hold’em only allows players to have 2 hole cards instead of 4 in Omaha. In fact, many consider Omaha a nothing more than a variation of Texas Hold’em.
Omaha hands are played out in much the same fashion as in Texas Hold’em. However, there are two subtle differences:-
- Instead of two hole cards, there are four
- Players must use two hole cards and three community cards to make winning hand
Although the aim in Omaha is similar to its Texas counterpart, that is to build the best five-card hand that you can from all of the cards accessible to you. The increase in number of hole cards means the hand possibilities are more for Omaha then Texas Hold’em but the increasing the number of possibilities of combinations make it slightly more difficult to play. However, to say that Omaha hold’em is a complicated game is wrong, it’s just slightly more complicated than its Texas cousin, which itself is very basic. Like every other poker variant, there will be unique strategies that should be applied. But once you start playing Omaha, you will get a clear understanding of the rules and strategies and see the underlying simplicity of the game. There is no doubt however, that a player who is already experienced playing Texas Hold'em, will be able to pick up Omaha much easier.
Playing Omaha Hold’em online is great for practice, fun and can be an easy way to earn big money. Most Omaha Poker websites will allow you play the game for free (at least initially). After you gain enough experience and feel confident about playing with real money, it’s easy to buy some chips and start playing for cash! Check out some of the better online poker rooms such as 32redpoker, Everest, PKR , Victor Chandler and Virgin Poker all offer Omaha tables with lots of action along with tons of resources such as Ohama tips, strategy guides and even online poker schools. Additionally all offer big incentives for new players in the form of FREE cash!!!!
If you have played Hold'em poker why not give Omaha a go. We are sure you will enjoy the switch. Try Omaha now on Everest

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