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So you play poker and you’re doing ok. Well news is that you have to keep studying the game in order to improve. I’m often asked how to learn how to play poker and good books to read.

Here is a small list of books that I’ve read or have on my to read list and thought I’d share them with you that are available on Amazon

Kill Everyone ;
Review from Amazon
“My advice is to buy this book, read it once, then read it again and test some of the strategies and insight from Poker pro "Elky". This book has really changed my perspective on the game and has helped me cash on various tournaments. ;

Paperback from £25 Kindle Version £6

Every Hand Revealed – Gus Hansen
Review from Amazon: ;
"It's not often you get to know what another player is thinking – this book does exactly that! Gus is known as a loose agressive player so it is interesting to find out what is going through his mind when he plays poker."

Paperback: £9.00 Kindle Version: £6.47

Reading Poker Tells ;- Aimed at live poker players
Review from Amazon:
"Elwood's book is much better. For a start he stresses the overwhelming importance of the situation (an opinion much confirmed by the field of social psychology), the need for developing a statistically robust level of observational data over time, and bases his theories on the psychology of unconscious human behaviour. At all times he stresses that poker tells are just another tool in a skilled player's arsenal; not a strategy for basing your entire game around."

Paperback £12.95 Kindle Version TBC

The Mental Game of Poker ;
Review from Amazon
“The main thing this book has shown me so far is how I've been approaching the learning side of the game completely wrong. In Ireland we have a saying, `He's a working fool'. It's a phrase to describe someone who is all work and bluster but never seems to get anything done. Well I felt like a working fool after reading chapter two.”

Paperback £16 Kindle version £5.49 Audio version £11.47

Raiser's Edge
Paperback: £25.00 Kindle: £5.63

Killer Poker by John Vohaus ;
Review from Amazon
"This book took me to the next level and will continue to do so. It makes you analyse your own game and your own thinking, and critically, how to stop doing the stupid things over and over again and to win by thinking things through and being honest about your game and the mistakes most of us make

Harrington on Hold 'em
Amazon Review
"The beauty of the book is that you learn from your own mistakes rather than just reading the correct plays and thinking that you would have come to the same decision too."

Play Poker Like the Pros
Amazon review:
"I own the Harrington on Hold'em 1 and 2, and the Sit'n,go Strategy of Moshman. These titles are good for tournaments, but reading the book of Phil i've learned the discipline of a limit player. Also the sections on Omaha and Stud are very accurate, and I learned play H.o.r.s.e with some skill. I recommend this book to all novice poker players, and I recommend to read this book BEFORE any book on tournament.

The Poker Blueprint
Amazon review:
"The Poker Blueprint used to be sold for nearly $100. Now the kindle edition sells at under £10, which is an absolute steal and a snap call. If you only buy one poker book, start with this one. It's detailed enough, but won't drown you with examples. It gives you a great overview of concepts and how to apply them, and will undoubtedly improve your game."

Paperback: £23.60 Kindle version: 5.99

Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume 1
Amazon Review:
"Each double page has a new hand during which one of the pros talks you through his different options and thought processes and the merits of each possible action during the hand. It is laid out and written in a very user friendly and easy to understand way. It certainly helps you to develop a next level of thinking and analysis to your poker and I thoroughly recommend it." ;

Kindle version: £18

Amazon is a great place to find these and other books on poker. ;Please comment below on any other books that you have read and found useful to help improve your game of poker. ;


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