Betfred Poker Review

Betfred Poker review
As with a lot of poker sites out there Betfred Poker has been around for a good few years now and is still going very strong, offering you the chance to play in different types of poker and also offering you the chance to take part in some very major tournaments. Betfred are a bookmakers that offer poker as part of their service, which is very good poker at that. I have played on here for some time so have a bit of a soft spot for Betfred poker, but surly that shows a good poker site.
The download
It’s been a while since I downloaded and installed Betfred poker, so I logged on and chose the download on a different pc and was surprised how small a download it was. It was very easy to follow the download and installed first time with no problems. The only problem we did come up against was when my girl friend tried to deposit some money on to her account and play for real. This problem was very quickly solved though, thanks to the online help and we were up and running. You will get from time to time small files you have to download, which contain updated software, but these files are small and in all the years I have been playing on here I have never had a problem with a download going wrong.
The tables
As with many of the other poker sites out there, Betfred Poker offer some of the wide range of tables to play on, these range from freeroll play, multi table tournaments sit & go and cash tables. You can build up Betfred points (BFP’s) and trade these in for entry to other competitions and tournaments. Depending on how high the stakes are in the games you play though will vary the number of points you earn, which can take some times to build up.
The table search facility on Betfred Poker allows you to quickly find a table to play on, whether it be free money or the play money tables. The play money tables are ok, but I find that I win very easy on the play money tables. A few weeks ago I started with 1000 chips and walked away with nearly 42000 chips. Playing in a real game though is a totally different story.
Bonus Amounts
Many poker sites offer you sign up bonus amounts, but very few offer you a regular reward. The current bonus from Betfred Poker is up to $500, with the cance of an unlimited monthly reward scheme. They also offer many other promotions, which include entry to the Irish Open, Poker Face and WSOP. Full details of the current promotions can be found on their site. See the site for full T&C. They are some of the best that you will find around though.

My thoughts
As mentioned before, I have been playing on Betfred Poker for a few years. So yes I do have a soft spot for Betfred Poker, but surly this just goes to show you what a good site it is. Many of my friends have tried other sites also, but they always seem to return to Betfred. Saying that though, I prefer to practice on poker and have been spending more time on there lately. On the whole though Betfred Poker is a very good all round site, which offers any poker player something to satisfy their appetite. It is a very good place to learn and also and even better place when your game improves and you want more of a challenge. Sign up today and come and find me online.

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