PKR Poker Review

We think PKR poker is the most revolutionary looking site out there today. The platform is unique and really presents online poker players with a totally new platform to play poker from. Players are not stuck with the one static view either. You can also build a unique looking avatar from within PKR. We have mocked some of these up on our dedicated site to pkr on
The only thing we have seen people say is if you are running an older machine then it might not run very quickly, but any new machine from the last few years should run it all fine. Why not download and install the software to give it a go now. 
The download for PKR Poker might take a while, but we think that you will be very impressed with the software once you have it loaded on your machine. If you sign up through us also you can get 120% deposit bonus, so if you deposit $100, you can receive $120 back in bonus. 
PKR Poker Tournaments and Games
On PKR you will not be short of a game to play and even though it is on a unique 3D poker platform, there are plenty of players ready to join in the action.
There are terminator tournaments where the more players you take out the bigger your payday will be. Winner takes all games if you are running well. Double through games if you feel like you need to play a slower game to help you get over that bad beat. Freeroll games and premium freeroll games where you can exchange your PKR points to enter in to a freeroll with a higher prize. There are more than this being added all the time with special invite games being offered to people that subscribe to our newsletter. 
If you are looking to qualify through an online site in order to play in a land based game, then PKR poker can also offer you this. Not only can you qualify for the WSOP, WPT, EPT etc, but you can also qualify online for there very own land based event PKR Live. The only way to qualify for the PKR live is to play online through PKR. Sign up now and see if you can join in the action.
Fun side of PKR
PKR allow you to create your very own avatar, changing all features down to the colour of your finger nails (if you are a female) style of shirt or hoodie and even your shoes. I know a few girls that play online here and they love the way you can totally customise your avatar. The more PKR points you  get the more you can buy for your avatar. You can even learn new chip tricks to impress your fellow players with.
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Still not convinced then check out our dedicated site or join our facebook group PKR Poker Fan. You will see how much we actually really enjoy promoting this site and we know you will love playing on there too.