Sky Poker Review

If you’re in to poker and have SKY TV then you will more than likely have watched the poker channel on 865. If you are interested in watching what happens on the channel, but you don’t have Sky TV, then you can still watch through their Sky Poker Website.
Normally when I do a review I will start with the download, but with Sky Poker there is no download, the tables and menus are all done via the website interface. Other sites that offer a non download poker interface is include Party poker and 888 Poker. No download poker is becoming more and more popular, as it means people can pop open their browser and home or work and have a quick game. It is also a popular choice, as it means that the poker room offering this can also attract the growing market that is the Mac Poker player. Even though you are using your browser as the interface you still get the normal options including my favourite 4 colour deck, so you are less likely to get caught out by that flush again. With Sky this runs very slick and is currently my choice of no download poker
Why not give it a try and receive up to £1000 bonus. You choose your bonus depending on your skill level and the higher you choose the higher the payout of a bonus.
If you Join up to Sky Poker you will not only be joining an ever growing number of online poker players, but some of the games are also shown on the Sky TV channel and you will have your moment of fame and see if you really did make a good fold or if you were bluffed off the hand. There is of course a delay and only a certain amount of play can be shown on TV.   These are clearly marked and it can be fun to watch back later and be happy that the fold you made was the right choice.
Overall Sky Poker have a great offering and with no download poker and all I needed  to do is boot up firefox, internet explorer safari or any other browser and play poker.
Sky Poker is ideal if you are also trying to see if you can turn £0 in to a larger amount. Each day all new registering customers are guaranteed £1 and can be as high as £150. 

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