Poker Schools

Poker schools can be seperated into 2 categories, those that are offered giving advice, tips and help by the many online poker sites around and those professional training academy sites offered by poker professionals either through 1 on 1 training or through video tutorials. Poker schools can also be in the form of Poker Forums.

Poker Room Poker Schools

Everest Poker School – Well dispite their mass publication of their school it is nowhere to be found on its site and therefore we have to assume you have to sign up to Everest Poker to gain access. To be honest if you know anything about cash game poker you should sign up to Everest Poker anyway as it has some of the weakest play on small to medium tables that has ever been seen. – Visit Everest Poker >

Full Tilt Training Academy – Fulltilt's Poker academy is quite simply great. FullTilt along with PokerStars are aquiring pros faster than rake and fulltilt are definately adding something other than just a smiley face in a cowboy hat. There are hundreds of videos, interviews and articles on the site offering advice from basic play to more complicated strategy. Alot of the videos have commentary and help through the hands being played which is often helpful. I would personally say that the FullTilt poker academy is worth more than a quick look. Visit FullTilt Poker >

VC Poker School – VC Poker has alot of basic information for Texas Holdem, Omaha and stud. Nothing that you wouldn't find on any poker resource site including this one. It does offer some advice on starting hands, tips and some tournament strategies all of which are helpful for the beginner but won't really help the more experienced player. Visit VC Poker >


Poker Training Sites

Poker Training Sites are very different and will be covered in a seperate article!



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