Poker Side Games

With many poker sites offering such similar experiences most are trying to stand out from their competitors and one way is to bring in side games such as Roulette, Blackjack which can be played while the poker action is happening often in the same window. These side games also bring in additional revenue for the poker room as they attract gamblers who are bored or impatient at the poker table.

If you wish to avoid side games including the lure of gambling away your hard earned poker winnings then there are a few rooms that don't have them these include:

Poker Stars
Full Tilt Poker

Many other rooms don't have side games but most will offer the casino side to their business on the poker software or on their site if you need to go to it to deposit or withdraw. Poker side games can be great fun for a little flutter if you have had a decent win but in my opinion they are more of a distraction to the poker players who often just want to concentrate on the game in hand. If you wish to find the best casinos online then this really isn't the site for you as poker is a game of patience, skill, luck and timing where as casinos are built on blind luck alone.

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