Poker Study hand review

I’ve played the odd bit of cash games over the years, both live and online. All with little success and just end up throwing money away. I always thought that I could just “play my game” and I should win. I used to think that when I got in to difficult spots that I was just getting “unlucky” and running in to “bad beats”, telling myself “how many bad beats can I actually run in to”. I used to then rant about these hands to anyone that would listen, posting about them on facebook or twitter etc. Never really taking time to evaluate what I was doing wrong.

I’d said before that I was going to quit and just never play again, but to me poker isn’t about the winning (although it is nice), for me it’s about doing something that I enjoy doing, a hobby and a way to meet new buddies. Recently I got to the point that I was actually thinking about quitting for good, just thinking that what’s the point and actually started to start to not enjoy the game.

The last 6-8 weeks I have spent more time playing, as in order to lean from what I’m doing wrong I needed a larger hand sample. When I started out I was doing ok, my graphs were all going up and I thought finally, this is it, playing my game and I was winning. Oh how wrong I could be. Luckily I had pulled together enough hands to have a Black Belt Poker pro review them for me. The 7 page review of my hand history and how I was playing overall was just what I needed. Tighten up, play position and review my hands and several other study items are all things that I will be working on.

I also received a lot of support from the black belt community and I will now need to spend some more time studying more, reviewing my play on a regular basis and hopefully I will be able to post some really good results over the coming months.

In conclusion, my advice is, study, play, review and study more, review your hands and find out what works and doesn’t work. The larger the hand sample you have for this the better.

Next step is Black Belt Live (nottingham) at Dusk Till Dawn. I’ve played a couple of these in the past and with my renewed plan I’m hoping I will finally be able to cash in one of these events.

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