Rebuy Poker Tournaments

What is a rebuy tournament?

If your new to the world of poker then you maybe confused by all the types of games, a rebuy tournament is one which starts at a set time once a minimum number of runners has been established and the players get "rebuys" up until the first break, where they can often choose to have an addon. A rebuy is where you pay to get another set of chips if you lose your initial stack, this lowers risk and increases the action. However there are some negatives to a rebuy tournament.

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How does a rebuy tournament work?

Players purchase their inital stack for say £10 plus £1 fee and then up until the first hour or 2 the players can purchase another £10 worth of chips (this time without the fees) and all the money goes into the prize pool. If after say 3 rebuys a player has had enough they can choose not to rebuy and are eliminated. After a defined cut off time no more rebuys are allowed effectively turning the game into a Freezeout tournament. Add ons or one final rebuy are allowed at the break for most tournaments of this nature.


What are the benefits of a rebuy tournament?

The game is alot looser and so you have more ways to play the game. Also with the rebuy aspect of the game you don't bust out for one or 2 very daft moves. This means the game has more action and has more of a buzz than conventional freezeouts.


What are the drawbacks of a rebuy tournament?

As the action is alot faster you get more gamblers at the early levels and if they amass large amounts of chips it will be a long game. Also the fact that you can rebuy means that after say 3 or 4 rebuys you may only breakeven if you cash depending on how many times others have bought in.

Where can I find rebuy tournaments?

We play the majority of our rebuy tournaments at Fulltilt poker however if you want a smaller field then try Betfred.


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