Rush Poker

So Fulltilt have thought of a totally new game and they think its that good they have a patent pending on it. From what we have been hearing this game is one of the best ways to develop your preflop play as the range of opponents is massive, they also have only one hand to read you making your moves all the more powerful..but remember you can't read them either so it has a bigger luck factor as you are unable to work out player ranges or notice patterns.

How does rush poker work?
Rush poker is quite a simple idea, imagine musical chairs mixed with a fulltilt cash game for a second. Rush poker is a normal poker game other than instead of staying on the same table until leveling out is required everyone is swapped after each hand so you will rarely see the same person twice as the field can be in the hundreds. This eliminates stale play and also allows more moves to be played preflop as someone is alot less likely to call your all in if you have just arrived.


Is rush poker any good?
From what we at Uk Poker Review have played it certainly has some advantages to standard texas holdem play, however you really will have to make up your own mind. If your not already a member of Fulltilt try it >  $600 Free Fulltilt Bonus from Uk Poker Review

Stay tuned for some video tutorials on how to get the most out of Fulltilt's Rush Poker game!

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