Sit and go tournaments

What is a sit and go tournament?

With online poker having so many players wanting to play at once gone have the days where you have to wait until friday for your next poker game. Unlike the conventional cash poker game or tournament poker sit and go tournaments have between 6 and 150 players. Sit and go poker is as it says on the tin. You pay a set fee to play and when all of the seats are full the game started. The prizes are predetermined and are normally weighted to the top 1, 2, 3 in an average 10 person sit and go.

Fulltilt and Pokerstars have increased the size of sit and go tournaments and now you can get upto 150 players these are played more like a freezeout tournament and the sit and go rules don't really apply.


Why play sit and go over other types of tournament?

Sit and go tournaments are fast and can last between 20 minutes and an hour meaning you don't have to give up your whole night just to leave the tournament early. Other advantages are that play can be alot weaker especially in low level tournaments compared to the same £10 freezeout equivalent. Sit and go poker comes in varieties such as turbo, super turbo these terms simply mean that the action speeds up faster. If you see deep stack sit and go this means that each player has more chips and so the action is normally alot better.

Basic sit and go strategy

The key to being a winning sit and go player is well timed aggression. Sit and go tables have a disadvantage in that your table will work out if your constantly bluffing or pot stealing quite quickly as there is only one table and so you need to only play hands in which you have good cards.

What can be considered good cards?

- High pairs, High suited connectors, AJ through to AK



- You need to make sure that when you have a hand your defend it by betting, short handed play can be good for trapping however when done too much you will not get paid or even worse you will get robbed by a made hand.

- Don't bluff – when I say this it doesn't mean don't occasionally play over the top with middle connectors it just means don't make bluffing a major aspect of your game. You need patience over agression but in the later stages you should use the fact that you have been a strong player to your advantage.

- You need to win or place most of the time to maintain a profit and to do this you need to be willing to loosen up when your in the money to increase your actual return otherwise settling for 3rd in a 10 person tournament over and over will be a very boring and unprofitable place.

Where to play sit and go tournaments?

We play at fulltilt -  No serious for a have all heard of them, all seen the ads but there is a reason for this, volume and some of the best sit and go action around.

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