Tips to improve your poker game

While we can’t guarantee you will definetly improve with these tips, but it is how I have managed to improve my game and become a winning player (well most of the time).

My number 1 tip to improve your game is to play live. See our making the move in to playing live article. Mixing up between playing live and playing online, will help improve your game, due to the speed of online you will see more flops, but playing live you will learn more about tells and when to move all in against the short stack or when to keep away.

In the early stages of poker playing, very few players know what outs and odds are. If you learn your outs and odd, you will be able to calculate if it is worth calling the flush draw when a player raises you. See our article on calculating odds and outs.
Know how to assess your game and know where you are going wrong. By looking back at your hand you have played and re assessing how the other player made you click that all in button will help you improve and in future you might fold and escape throwing away a large amount of chips or cash at the poker table.

Sign up to a number of poker forums and get involved in talking about poker and learn how other players are playing certain hands. This includes watching any poker on TV or on the internet. There are a number of Poker Videos online you can watch back again and again. This does not mean doing a Gus and moving all in with 7-2 off suite. Also subscribe to publications such as Poker Player and Bluff Magazines.

Also why not try other types of poker. Many sites offer you more than just Hold’em. If you are thinking of playing another type of poker, then play in some freeroll games to get to know how to play them, as other forms of poker will require a totally different approach than that of Hold’em. Read our review on Making the switch to playing Omaha. Sites that offer other forms of poker on top of the popular Hold’em include:

PKR offer Omaha, but have a wide range of tournaments you can get involved in.
Fulltilt offer rushpoker which will allow you to learn very quickly how to be aggressive and what premium hands are worth playing.
Betfair offer Omaha and Black Jack Poker, which can be very interesting to play

Have a bankroll and stick with it. Keep your poker playing money separate from your normal cash flow. This will help you understand if you are winning or losing and also what levels to play at. Have at least 30 times your buy-in for the level you are playing poker at. When you start to increase your bankroll you can move up a level and if you start losing then move down a level and don’t chase your losses.

My final tip is to try and play poker as often as you can afford to. By doing this it will help you learn where you need to improve your game and how other players are playing against you. Yes you will get bad beats, but that is poker and the reason we love to play. Make sure you stick within your limits.

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