Tournament v Cash poker & online v live

It's been a while since my last blog. Starting like that makes me feel like I should be in confession or attending some kind of AA meeting. That would be a lot easier than talking about how I'm getting on with poker recently.

Online Poker

I've actually had a couple of nice wins and a couple of cashes. I managed to satellite in to the first Samurai tournament ($250+25 normal buyin) but I got in for a mere $5. Unfortunately on the night I didn't manage to cash, but the 100 blackbelt points for $5 softened the blow.

I also managed to win a leg of the weekly Tuesday league, but the other legs I played really bad and didn't get much further in the league. But cashing from using a token helped again.

Last week I decided that the only way I'm going to go and play Black Belt Poker Nottingham live in August 2012, was if I satellite in. The good thing with blackbelt is that they do offer a number of great ways to win your seat. Last Tuesday saw the start of the new league, with the overall winner getting a seat to notts live. But on the same night there was a $5 freeze out with 2 seats guaranteed and a $5 rebuy with 1 seat guaranteed. I decided I'd register for all 3 games and see how I got on. League leg – not great $5 freeze out – 3rd for $4 back, just missing out on the seat $5 rebuy + 1 $5 addon and I won the seat to notts live. I've booked myself in to day 1b at the moment, but might decide to change closer to he time. 

Live Poker

More recently (well a month ago), I played my fist Essex home game. Out of 20 players I managed to cash and finish 4th to double my money. Was a great night and will be attending another game this month.

A couple of weeks later I was part of TeamBlapo that played In a team event at the International in London. Early in the game I got very lucky when I had KK v AA and had a K in the window. My stack kept getting bigger and bigger. I'd not run like this in a live tournament for a long time. Just after the dinner break SB jams on me for 13blinds, I look down at AA and insta call. The cards get turned over and he has 33.. I'm in great shape, until a 3 on the river and I hate passing over a chunk of my stack.

I eventually went out in 16 or 14th place for a few points for the team. No individual cash for me, but the points and 3rd place finish by another team member meant an overall 3rd for TeamBlapo. The hendonmob team retained the title and was a really great day of poker. Anyone looking at playing a friendly game of low stakes poker in London should checkout and come down to play.

Playing cash poker

Either online or live, the cash game is an area that I struggle with a little bit. Online I never know when to quit and run, normally ending up losing my stack that I've built up.

I've mainly been playing this on Pokerstars app for the iPad or iPhone, as they are something I've always got with me. But mainly playing zoom at micro stakes is something that I am not sure is a great idea.

Playing live cash, I never seem to know what to play and never seem to hit hands. When I do hit, I seem to always be up against a better hand. Sorry if that seems like some kind of baddest ramble, but it is an area that I want to get better at and currently an area that I am spending most of my time studying and playing.

This kind of leads me to my question to all out there. What stakes do you play online/live? What level of cash is best to start at? Currently I'm playing 1/2c in stars, with occasionally playing 5/10c. Black belt I either play 1/2c Heads up, or 10/20c – 25/50c Comments greatly appreciated. Especially if you have read my ramble this far.

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