Unibet Gold Rush


For the last two months, Unibet has been offering an amazing 50% rakeback.  Normal rakeback is now back down to 30%, but WAIT!  
Unibet have a brand new promotion this month called Gold Rush
The Gold Rush promotion will run throughout August you can earn yourself a cash prize simply by earning a minimum amount of daily target points within the month!
The more days you play the bigger your rewards will be! You only need to earn a minimum of 35 VIP points on 5 different days within the month to be entered into a €2000 Freeroll and these can be any five days within the month!
To qualify for this promotion you will need to “Opt in” by registering for the “Gold Rush” Tournaments in the Poker Client.  Download and register for Unibet Poker.  Within the poker client > click on “Tournaments” > “Register for Gold Rush” and register for the tournament. Once you’ve done this you can start playing for your cash prize!
Gold Rush Points and Prize Table:
Don't forget to download and Opt-in for this promotion

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