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Black Belt Poker truly is a great value poker site. How many other sites are giving away a freeroll to a WSOP Vegas package? 
Ok the deal was for players on Black Belt Poker that played in Black Belt Poker Live and retained their Orange belt or higher were given a token to be able to enter in to the freeroll tournament. 
9PM BST on May the 4th saw the Black Belt Poker Vegas freeroll for anyone that was Orange belt for the event and then retained their orange belt or higher at the end of April. 57 lucky players began the game at 9pm BST and only 1 could win the WSOP package.  
It wasn’t long before players began to fall, as some players were going for the all or nothing approach early in the game it seemed. Some wild play by some people and some and some lucky cards hit the deck.
I was in the game myself and at one point was in first place, but it wasn’t to be my day when I was knocked down (but not quite out) when I ran my JJ in to AA. I hung in and played a few more hands, before I eventually ended up going out in 15th spot. 
Just after about 11:30 it was the final table, which included:
Trojandonkey (10th)
Ca5gaR (9th)
WarSunTzu (8th)
7Enygma7 (7th)
Jobbit1 (6th)
At 1am and it was still 5 handed and plenty of chat in the chat box to keep players mind off the game.. I mean on the game.
TableKnight (5th) after going all in against the AJ of sanja4411 who hit a FH
In quick succession 2 more players are out:
Wowsickriver (4th)
StilettoMafiosa (3rd)
1:05 and it’s Heads up and very equal in chips:
Eventually it came down to xxxiluvsjhlxxx who has won their flights and accommodation. They now have another small challenge to win entry to the events in Vegas 2011 courtesy of Black Belt Poker.
The winner xxxiluvsjhlxxx must now
- Beat Neil Channing in two consecutive heads-up matches and win entry into a WSOP 2011 $1,500 side event.
- Beat Richard Ashby in two consecutive heads-up matches and win entry into a WSOP 2011 $5,000 side event.
- Beat Sam Razavi in two consecutive heads-up matches and win entry into the WSOP 2011 $10,000 Main Event.

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