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A couple of weeks ago, as part of a poker study group we talked about setting targets and goals. Before this I had never really had a major goal, other than I wanted to win (don’t we all).  However, it seems that in order to win better I should have clear goals and targets to aim for.  Otherwise winning will just be a by product.  I’ve now taken time to set myself some milestone targets in order to reach my main goal.  
I will not bore you all with the details, as they are also likely to change (depending on how well each target goes), but my overall goal is to become a winning player on the cash tables and to move up through the limits of 20nl, 50nl and within a year to be playing 100nl.  
As part of the goals I’ve made sure part of my targets include watching a certain amount of training videos, reading the collection of poker books that I have built up over time and talking about my own thoughts on poker. My first read will be a recently purchased a copy of Jared Tendler’s book called the Mental Game of Poker. 
Generally my new typical weekly poker schedule will include the following (As I work full time, this is not set in stone, but will try to stick to it as much as possible, as it is also important to spend time out):
-        Write a blog about my previous week and also up and coming week (you are reading week 1)
-        Watch training videos on the way to and from work (Just about to start watching Coaching Kristy 2 from Deuces Cracked)
-        Exercise workout
-        Relax in the evening and catch some TV, upload the blog etc.
-        Read the mental game of poker (or another book once done)
-        Play the Black Belt Poker League game and play some 20nl cash
-        Watch training videos on the way to and from work
-        Quick workout before playing
-        Play the Orange Belt Freeroll on Black Belt Poker and some 20nl cash
-        No Playing as this will be a midweek review day and check on the plan for the week
-        Review hands and post 2 hands on the Black Belt Poker hand review board
-        Exercise workout
-        Relax NO poker playing day
-        Update my site with 1-2 articles and update current offers on a site
-        Long walk with the dog before lunch
-        Exercise workout when I get back
-        Update my site with offers and promotions
-        Play some afternoon SNG’s (mainly $5 double ups)
-        Then some 20NL cash in the evening
-        Walk the dog before lunch
-        Read and review from yesterday
-        Play some 20NL cash and maybe try to satellite to the Sunday £200k
Rinse and repeat weekly until the end of November. 
All this is my goal of reaching Purple belt by Nottingham Live in November. As I’m on 3,975.47 points, this only means I need to get a further 1024.53 points to reach Purple.  At 4points per $1 in rake that means I need to generate just over $250 in rake between now and the end of October (6 weeks away).  This is $42 a week or $10.50 for each night I’m going to be playing according to the above plan (4 days a week). So all in all this should easily be attainable.   
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