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The week started off really well, Watched some coaching Kristy series on Deuces Cracked, read some more of Jared book and was really starting to feel ready to attack the tables.  

Tuesday was Black Belt Poker League day.  I had banked a set of 5 tickets in the previous weeks Orange Belt Freeroll.  I was so far behind in the league on points I had to play for the win, however a couple of bluff attempts landed me in hot water and I was out before I knew it.  

Wednesday – Even though I thought I was focused and ready to play, it seems I was in total denial that anyone could possible have a better hand than me and I was out of the Orange Belt Freeroll quicker than I could blink.  

Thursday was a planned day away from poker and a chilled night was had just went over to the inlaws and caught up on some TV that I had recorded earlier in the week.  

Friday Zoggy Doggy Day
It was a day off the normal daily grind of work, as I was taking the dog to the vets.  Also lined up for the evening was to go in to London for an evening of Duplicate Poker as part of Team Zenga Zenga.  I had played duplicate poker some time ago, as an online concept, but that didn't work out too well, so here is my understanding of the game.  

I'm not sure if you have ever heard of Duplicate poker, but this event consisted of 6 teams of 6 players.  A player from each team then sits at a different seat on a different table.  Each hand was always played with a starting stack of 5000 chips and depending on how many chips you won or lost was then converted to points. The one with the most points at the end of the number of hands was then declared the winner (or so is my understanding).  Not only are you playing against the players on your table, but also trying to accumulate more points than the other 5 players in your same seat. Oh and each table is dealt the same cards as each of the other tables. It was a strange but fun concept to play.  The plan was to play down 100 hands, but this was cut short to 60 hands on 6 tables.  Obviously this can take a lot of planning and a couple of times the button wasn't in the correct place, so I think some people were not dealt the correct hands.  Some tables were playing a lot more aggressive than others, so it was quite hard to get the right balance.  However it was a fun concept to be a part of the trials in.  

After getting home friday evening, the rest of the weekend was spend looking after Zoggy Doggy following his operation on the friday.  He really wasn't resting and I had to make sure he didn't pull the stitches out, so really didn't get any chance to play much poker and when I did I was just on the mac, so no chance building up of points as planned.  So at the end of the week I'm still 1000 points away from purple.  

This week's plan..  is mainly sleep, poker on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, but I'm then away until Monday, so will not really have chance again to put in the hours for needed points.  If only iPoker would hurry up support Mac poker players.  (crosses fingers). 

As I'm away for the weekend with my Mac for company, I will mainly be finishing off Coaching Kristy series and also reading and making some more notes from Jareds book.  This time next week I hope to have more of a plan ready to attack the tables for a more constructive week… 

So for anyone that has got to the bottom and thought eh! what the heck was that all about?  Well I think it shows the state of mind that I am in at the moment.  No structure and when I do put together a plan it just never seems to go as planned…  

Oh and if you were wanting to know how Team Zenga Zenga got on, well, there was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finnish on the team, but we were out side the top 3 as a team.  Onwards and upwards and more poker soon.

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